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Why Do We Keep Doing What We Are Doing?

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Deep Down To Our Core We Know It's The Right Thing To Do

The reflection of the world

Doesn't always show it

I no longer care

I have worried for too long and too hard

For the way people may react

Here are some small examples

When I first get up

Our cat Charlotte is already up

My eyes are barely open

She waits for me to see her

Sitting near by

I might have just got up

Because I had to go pee

So I look at her so sweet and loving

How can I not take the time to pat her

Everything else in that very second

Has to wait

Then there are times I lay in bed with my wife

I just give her a big bear hug

Thanking her for who she is

How and why we found each other is still a beautiful story

I never get tired of telling

We were both looking for Mr. Right or Mrs. Right

We both were in rocky relationships

Not treated right

At the same time we were both trying to make it work

No matter what we did

It didn't matter

We just were sinking deeper and deeper

There looked like no way out

We both didn't want to leave the love we had wished for

Our whole lives

We couldn't bare looking for someone all over again

The rejection of not having a person to love

We would rather stay in a bad relationship

Than risk it all

For years we played it safe

We justified all our actions

We no we could do a lot worse

Then we also believed we could do one better

It is not a competition

But we believed we deserve to be happy

Even for our partners

We wanted the best for them too

They say opposites attract

I don't know if they brought the best out in us

So we could look for someone that was the same

We want to be together

I mean really listen to each others needs

Loved to eat at home

Home cooked meals

Both so different from our significant others at the time

We want to make each other happy at all cost

Because we know if they are happy

We would be the happiest we have ever been


No effort needed

No searching for words when talking

We were in sinc

So after twenty years we are still learning

So many new things about each other

At the same time we enjoy all we have

The simple kisses in the morning

Making sure we eat a good breakfast

Taking our vitamins

Going to work

Sometimes a little too much

In our spare time

Trying to sort out everything else in our life

Our thoughts imaginary or real

Our feelings tucked away

So long in hiding

Watching our old dreams go up in flames

At the same time get washed away

Both with an imaginary fire and flood

Right before our eyes

Our new dreams just beginning

Being together is everything

Then the rest we have is just stuff

To sort out

Figure out

Make sense of

Sometimes I wish we could just let it all go

Then a part of me says there are lessons

We did not see

Deep thoughts we weren't ready to handle

Plain and simple

Now we can open up that can of worms

Let them go back into the ground

Where they belong

When someone sneezes we are quick to say

God Bless You

Followed by a thank you

Well I strongly believe God or someone with a heck of imagination

Created the world and all it's people

They also had a great sense of humor

Because I don't have many boring days

I do have a love that will last

I do have a wife that loves me

I do have so many dreams

On their way to reality or at least somewhere different than here

Then there are some dreams

That should stay a dream

That gives us time to think and wonder

Enjoying the times we have now

Right in front of us

If it is a leaky tub faucet that just started to drip

The deck stain peeling one more time

A lawn mower that broke and looks so simple to fix

But it really isn't

Anyone know a lawnmower guy

Who could text me

Step by step

Until it works

There is twenty-five dollars bounty

I do all the work

You just have to be my virtual guide

Here we are

Off we go

Into the sunset

Not exactly

We were too busy to see it

We missed that too

Waking up with the morning sun

We slept through that

So from here on out

We are somewhere smack in the middle

P.s. I don't even want to hurt a spider

I know they will eat more bad insects

So I capture them in a peanut butter jar

Carefully off the wall or ceiling where they were hanging around

I call it my spider relocation program

Off on a bush or a branch

Where you can do more good than harm

© 2021 DREAM ON