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Why Do I Try?

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I Want To Make A Difference

Does it always work out

Definitely not

That is when I try even harder

I wake up from a deep sleep

And think

How can I make today match my dreams

Where I can do anything

There is only one way to find out

I put my feet on the floor

Try to do so many things

Yesterday was a clear example

People go to work every day

On my day off

I play catch up on things that matter the most

If it's seeing somebody I haven't seen

Talking late at night

To the wee hours of the morning

Taking in a movie

On the big screen or just on Net Flicks

Kicking back on the couch

Stopping in for breakfast

At a good, friendly spot

Cooking another home cooked meal

The balance is something I always try to find

The bills pile up

I take a good portion of my pay

Only to pay my way

When work cuts me no slack

They cut on my hours and give the new help the overtime

I quickly shake my head

It's not right

It happens just the same

I pick up the newspaper

Wonder why so many sad things happen in peoples lives ?

My life is no hero's story from any stretch of the imagination

It is one out of kindness and compassion

That begins each day

Sometimes a slow start at best

An achy body from who knows what

Maybe age setting in

A touch of Arthritis in my hands and wrists

Carpel Tunnel from doing the same job

Over and over

I have to learn

To live with the discomfort

Not always pain

It is the same way I wake up with all this energy

Then it is as if

Somebody pulled the stopper out of the drain

I feel the life rush right out

I often take a close look around me

I listen to my wife

Complain about things she wants better

A clutter free home and a computer that works fast and efficiently

I agree and don't have a leg to stand on

Your right

I have two legs to support me

I am not joking

I have so many dreams that bounce in my head

Well we have neither what you want or what I want

I do have a cat that is clawing the heck out of the corner of our bed

For no apparent reason

When she has a scratching post and lots of toys

Life is a working progress

Where love is something I never get tired of

Well when my days off are over

It's back to another work day

We have little extra time

I call it play time

After doing what every other couple and single person does without help

Trying to pull all the pieces together

Making the puzzle of life

It may not look like any other

It sure is some sight to see

A middle piece where the end should go

A too big of a piece jammed to make fit

One color out of sequence

I sit back and laugh instead of cry

Yes I am like you

I try so darn hard

To make it work

I watch the numbers drawn in the latest lottery

My wife hold up a ticket where every number was one off

I say look how close

She walks away

I know money doesn't solve the issues

The way we think does

Falling hard on our face

Getting up fast so nobody noticed

Missing the people we loved so much in our lives

That aren't here no more

Doing what they also tried to do

In some ways they had it more together

Then again we are the ones left

Holding the bag

I asked for everything in double plastic

Even the milk which you forgot to do

It is not that hard

To listen when other people talk

I will try to explain

Not losing my temper like my wife

So you will understand

I have to carry every bag into the house

With one bag the groceries rip through

I juggle with scooting in my indoor cat

Who tries to sneak out

Every chance she gets

I think she is looking for something greater too

I think we already found it

That is sitting here

Telling my story

Word for word

A little bit funny

A little sad

The truth covered up in a joke or a riddle

A word that is suppose to rhyme

A poem of all sorts

That takes my experience

One that I am so blind

Gives it new insight

With a twist of fate

Call it dumb luck

I don't stop there

I pour my heart out

One more time

Trying to find the right words

That so many other people have thought of first

I struggle to make them sound different

For the zillionth time

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