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Why Do I Miss You-Poem

Chatra Ram is an amateur writer who writes his hobby. He is deceived in love.

Why do I miss you

Why do I miss you

Why Do I Miss You

Why do I miss you
When you don't have me
Still, I miss you so much
You understand my helplessness...

Why do I miss you
When you're not mine
Why do you still remember me
When I want to forget you...

It is not necessary to remember every time
Something belongs to you too
Every time I miss
It is not necessary...

When you don't remember me
So why don't you remember me
When I miss you so much
Why does this happen...

All desires are broken
I am tired and tired, now let me sleep peacefully
Why do you miss me
Tell me a little bit...

Love is Life

Love is the shadow of life through which a human being lives...

— Chatra Ram Lahua


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