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Why Cease And Not Just Freeze?

Poem- Why Cease And Not Freeze?

A child lives his life without distraught,

He enjoys the moment and is never seen obsessing over any thought.

And as adults we miss our childhood days that were free from grief and pain

We always get nostalgic when we go down the memory lane.

Those were the days when we were always in a carefree and cheerful mood.

And never brood.

We never used to over think or over analyze

Momentary were our weeps and cries.

So when we grew up and evolved,

Why did our life become a complex puzzle to solve?

When towards things or people we are attached and start treating them as our own,

We experience agony and mourn.

As more and more pages are turned in the calendar to change the date,

Relationships towards anyone or anything get more and more intimate

And thus we are worried, insecure and intimidated.

The things that we used to hold trivial,

With passing time, gets more and more essential.


Moment ceased but memories freezed!

Moment ceased but memories freezed!

As things for us keep getting older,

We stop giving it a cold shoulder.

As increases its importance and worth.

And thus at the time of birth,

Nothing to us became so dear,

And thus we were full of life and cheer.

Nothing to us became important thus we thought less and life became less arduous.

We were carefree and frivolous.

We lived in the present and to no thought we used to cling

As everything to us was piffling

We lived life from scratch,

And thus to nothing we got attached.

But as older we grew,

Life seemed no longer new.

As in life, more time we have spent,

We tend to take it seriously and thus cry and vent.

To everything we become habitual,

Everything gets more and more crucial.

Whether its people or our image,

We start taking it seriously with passing age.

And thus become vulnerable and lose our valour.

And also lose our fun and humour.

We become sensitive and timid,

And lose our invulnerability and no longer remain an intrepid.

We become solemn and stern,

And for those carefree days called “childhood days” we yearn!

We miss those days,

We wish to relive that cheerful phase.

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