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Why Are There Rules for Love ?

Love Ignites Passion

When I see love it never stands alone

It is surrounded by so many other thoughts

That make love stronger and more unique

I am not sure when it started

I do know where it came from

A love so precious

The mightiest of all powers

From the creator

I do know where my love is going

It builds on anything and everything I now know

Growing freely without any restriction

Always considering others first

Secret loves compared to love that is open

I feel love is not easily understood

It is caring for someone

So deeply because you see feel it in your heart of hearts

What if we have many hearts ?

The heart that we know that keeps us alive and well

Then we also have hearts you can not see

The kindness for animals

The love for all mankind

A great appreciation for oneself and who we are

Not just in physical form but in all our creative thoughts

A love for an activity that brings us great joy

Any sport that gives us exercise

I find a love in writing

Only enhanced by my love of reading

Love has many levels and expands to greater depths

That I may never understand

I can only take time to appreciate and articulate properly

Love can be long and forgotten

As soon as it is remembered

It comes alive and thrives

In my life I love sleep

Then I also love being awake

They are both opposite

I can not have one without the other

So all my life I express each love in great detail

Other people would give no notice

I can watch a movie and in that instant

Love the story line and all the action

As if nothing else in the world matters

Then hours later I love the beautiful taste of food

The way it fuels my body with energy

I take a walk outside and look at a different world

The world of nature

Where plants and insects live and survive

At night I look high into the sky

I see stars so bright and light so distant

What is there not to love

So the more I know the more I want to know

I am infatuated with love

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