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Who's the Real Winner of All? A Poetic Description

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While we talk regarding inner calm, we're referring to our capacity to attain a state of serenity that can alter our perceptions of the world and how we interact with anyone else. Feeling emotionally and spiritually at ease implies that you are fully aware of who you are and what you are competent of, and that you do not invest resources or time on things that are unnecessary or useless to you.

Now lets talk about dreams. before starting on explaining this particular phenomena let me display a little quote below;

"Don't let thoughts or the opinions of others limit your thoughts and opinions"

- Mar

Dreams are frequently equated with accomplishments and success, such as having a high social rank, a large sum of money, or something similar. The people with whom we live place a high value on these entities. They judge us based on our social standing and attractiveness. But, in reality, we are all seeking inner serenity. We want serenity, which is truly comfort and Peace.

Below is the poem written in simple way yet with a useful message.


"A Real Winner"


Dreams and goals, A message to all

It's not what you see

till the morning alarm call

It's not to have a mansion

and not to have cars

not to be a businessman

and famous as film star

It's not what you have lost

and those with high cost

Not the reputation ,which world chase

But be in the position to make life at ease

Have the dream of peace

and be the beginner

Surely! achievers of peace,

are the only real winners


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© 2021 Mar

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