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Whom to Impress?

The author yearns to be a cheerful person and have a peaceful yet satisfying life.

Not the off-shoulder top,

mum dad won't like,

He likes decent ones,

How about a mini skirt?

People will think it's revealing,

Do I need to shave my underarms?


This long gown shouldn't be a problem,


No matter how you see it,

people are gonna judge because of their

tiny little rusted mind,

How about impressing yourself,

and buying yourself a treat,

Impressing others is not your job,

your job is to be happy with what you wear,

Doesn't matter the thousands of whispers,

they ain't got a better job,

It is not possible to satisfy others,

Your life

Your happiness

Your comfort

Is what matters the most

Cause you are not just a mere doll,

a Homosepian who breathes,

you are much more than what you dress up like.