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Whom Am I? Or Whom Have I Became

A rope on a woman's head

A rope on a woman's head

Take me home, to where I was born

There was a time I never new who I was

My identity was merely attached to tribal line

If you know kenya, you must have a defination of what is a tribe;

My journey to civilization started when I flamed myself as a human being;

And stopped thinking like a tribal mafia

If you cut me today my blood is red and not black

People have lost humanity, yet they assume to be human

They are proud to be attached to their tribe or race other than being identified as human being

I fought a lot of tribal battles;

I taught the right education

But they decided to hate me

Just because I never danced to their song

I used to be so bitter

When they attacked my "tribe"

But now am bitter

When they attack human race

God never created a race He created a man

Change is inevitable

Poem by Poet Jayken

© 2020 Ian Muiruri Wanyua

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