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Who sat and watched my infant head

When sleeping on my cradle bed

She smiled and tucked in my head

As she sang songs of a Western bird

Who laid her eggs in a shed

Her beautiful chicks, she beheld

Tears of sweet affection shed

She went out to fetch some bread

Would give anything to get her chicks fed

She returned, as her heart bled

For she met an empty shed

With her chicks, the hawk had fled

High up, she raised her head

In search of her chicks, she forged ahead

The rest of the story is sore red

For the hawk was already fat fed

Even more, her heart bled

But then, what used to be a dread

Turned into a bloodshed

She attacked, hard headed

The hawk was dead

Her eyes were blood-red

As she took her last breath.

At this point, I was already a real sleepyhead

& beside me still, was my mother who sat & watched my infant head.

© 2019 Menomo Omowumi Adeleye

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