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Who is Thine Teacher? #2

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

Dr. Olugbenga Ofakunrin

Dr. Olugbenga Ofakunrin

While in the university, this my uncle got to

Know that I was studying medicine which he

Has been longing for, for anyone in the community

To study and he would because of me wait

Behind in the island to see me and talk to me

That he is interested in my studies and he would

Sponsor me till I finish school and then after

Graduation he shall build a hospital for me

At any place of my choice in the country.

I was happy to hear this and tried my best

And qualified as a medical doctor, the first

Within our island. After the qualification

I return to my uncle to tell him that I have

Finished the course and that I would like my

Hospital to be at the center of the country as

He has stated. He agreed but says, I should

Have one within the island to bring healing

Close to the people of the community like he

Has done. I agreed with him, and said, I would

Be returning to the island, fortnightly to attend to

People of the community who are sick.

After everything has been settled, he had

To travel for a meeting at another continent

For the meeting of business men. After

The meeting has been concluded and he

Was returning to his country, the plane he

Boarded developed an engine fault and it

Crashed with all the passengers on board dead.

That was how he was unable to fulfill his

Promises for me, not that he does not want to

Fulfill it. His wife and other shareholders of

His business were not carried along in what

He wants to do for me, he perhaps wants to

Do that from his personal purse. They said

They will look into the issue during the annual

General meeting of the company, but that never

Happened, and that was how my hope of

Having a private hospital well furnished in the

Land becomes dashed. Now, my parents have

Grown old because before they gave birth

To me, my father was in his early 60s while

My mother was in his mid-forties, they were

Unable to give birth to children early.

I had to be taken care of them, and other siblings

My salary as a civil servant then was nothing


To write home about. As I try to get to

My feet financially I fall back down because

Of the responsibilities on my neck. These

Responsibilities hinder me from marrying

Your mother early, despite being romantically

Involved with each other early in life, but I

Couldn’t just finalize the wedding plans with

Her until much later. When I did that too, we

Keep oscillating about a focus for years and

My dream of establishing a private hospital

Was almost becoming a mirage. I have even

Given up hope of this, until the World Health Body

Brings campaign for the eradication of

A disease to my island and she wants

A native of the island who is a medical personnel

To be assisting them. Then I was contacted.

After I have been assisting those sent here, I was

Given special assignment, which I performed

Well. They became satisfied with my records

And would send money to me to oversee the same

Work in some other islands within the region.

This is when I started having some savings,

It was through this that I could build my own

Hospital. Then I know that what we desire

God will grant but he may not grant it as

We have planned, he essentially does this unto us

Not to rely on man, who is a flower that appears

In the morning and disappears at noon.

I learnt from this because many people who have

Known me to be related to my uncle never helped

Me, all they were saying was that I am from

A rich man’s family, some were even thinking that

I am one of the shareholders of the oil bloc but

Unknown to them that, we are not that close

That was the reason why all routes of assistance

Were blocked against me to get my dreams

Actualized according to my own timing. Thus,

Son, to become somebody in life, you will pass

Through some things, it is the experience you

Gathered during those period that will help

You in becoming whom you really wish to

Become in life. Without that experience, you

May not become what you think and hoped

To become and if you become it, you may misbehave

On assumption of the position.