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Who is Thine Teacher? #1


It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Sometimes we think we are wise,

But we cannot claim to have

Wisdom except we have once passed

Through some unpalatable things in

Life. He started to say to his son who

Has come of age some of the things

He has passed through in life

Which reshapes him, his mind and

Orientation to the issues of the world.

Do you know my profession? He

Asks his son, and he replies, “Yes, I

Know your profession sir”. As if his son

Would make mistake at that age, he

Asks him to please tell him what his

Profession is and the son, laughs and then

Says, “You are a qualified medical doctor

Sir”. “Good” his father replied. I want to

Tell you how the experience I had in life

Reshape my life. When I was in the

Medical school decades back, then you

Were still in the firmament, perhaps in the

Bosom of God. Except if you also have

Believed that there is reincarnation but if

You do not believe that, as I do not believe

It then, it means you were yet in the

Firmament at the bosom of our Creator.

I had an uncle who was the richest in our

Island. Our family is proud of him.

As we belong to one of the oil producing

Islands in the country, there was an oil

Bloc zoned to our island, for the country

Leaderships also wish that the natives of

Those islands where oil exploration is taken

Place should have oil blocs. The one zoned

To our island, no one could buy it because it

Involves a lot of money which no one in the island

Could afford. When the news of this gets to

My uncle who was the richest person in the

Entire region not only within the island, he

Initially did not want to be involved in it

But the leaderships of the island contacted him

That he should bid for this, because if none

Bids for it within our island, it would be taken

To another island and then those people from

Other islands would be reaping where they do


Not sow and would turn the natives of the

Island to slaves. For this not to happen, they

Appeal to his conscience to please bid for it

Since he has the money and buy the oil

Blog so that some of the gains being made

From there would remain within the island

And as a native of the island he would also

Use the gain to develop the island. After due

Consideration, he decides to reconsider his stand

And he bids for the oil bloc and was given

That was how he diverted his investment to

Becoming one of the oil barons in the country.

Soon enough, the oil bloc started working

And the exploration and exportation of the oil

Makes his money to grow like grasses of the field

As his money was growing, he starts sponsoring

People within our community to different institutions

To be of use to the community in the future. However,

Out of all that has come to him and those he was

Sponsoring, none was studying medicine among them

He specially made a call to students in the community to

Go for medicine, but none was interested in this.

But right from my childhood days had I love people

Who dressed in “white cloths” hang something on

Their necks in the community. I was particularly

Saved by one of them when I was terribly sick and

Started telling my parents that I dreamt and saw

Their fathers and mothers who were my

Grandparents who I happened to know before

They died in my dreams and my parents became

Afraid as my mother started crying that I

Would die because it is the belief of the people

Of the island that when someone who is sick

Starts seeing dead people, the person will

Soon die, the person may likely not recover

From the sickness. My father too was moved

By this, but as a man he summoned courage

At this period was when those people in white

Visited the island and I was taken to them.

The drugs prescribed for me and the injection

I was given made me recover from the illness

This moves me, and I decide that I will give it

All it takes to become one of those people

Who heal people in the island. Thus, I studied

And got enrolled for medicine in the university.


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