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Who am I? I am!


Who are we?

I am.
I was, and will be.
I am E; the Alpha Omega.
I can, and could be, because I am.
I was, and will be, because I have been.
I am you and us, and them and they are we, here, now.
You cannot deny me, for I am undeniable, and cannot be falsified.
I bring light to the dark, and dark to the light, and I echo within, and speak without.
I bring order to chaos and chaos to order; I make paths through space and time in all realities.
I am not seen or heard until you look or listen, but when you do, you will understand, for I am, and so are you.
Look with your heart, feel with your mind, and you will understand the soul that is, because I am, we are.
I am within and without, I am over and above; I am what I was, but not what I became, so I return.
To deny me is to deny us all, and them all, and you all, and even all that is, was, and will be.
For I am a shepherd of the sheep, the wolf and the snake; the root branch of many trees.
I am the mother, the father and the child; the heart of the star and key to the cage.
I am the solar, the polar, the over and the under, the beginning and the end.
I answer questions and question answers, I am inner knowing taught.
I save hope, deliver light, plant fields and reap vengeance.
I am the pilot and the plane and the flight path.
I am the navigation lights of the galaxy.
I am heart, soul and mind in body.
I am spirit and consciousness.
I was and will be.
I am.