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Who You Choose To be


Winter is my season

you know why,

It portrays you

along the point you stand by.

Moody, stormy and wild

which you can be,

Gentle, kind and sweet

all you choose to be.

Nonetheless how melancholy

you feel inside,

still chirp like a cuckoo

for those who stand by your side.


For people close to your heart

you always rise,

Become a lioness

when the moment arise.

Caring is in your nature

it makes you whole,

No matter how much you deny

will make you roll.

In search of happiness

for all you care,

know you can't stop

but its your dare.

Try to be happy

don't worry it's in your right,

As i know

your future is bright.

© 2018 Aakash Mishra

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