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The Midnight Miracle

Kshipra is a student pursuing masters from JNU, India. She loves reading and writing poetry and wants to publish her poems someday.

A few of them, topsy turvied and flung

the others passed into the urn,

Catapulting like they've acquired wings

Ubiquitious, unbolting the marges of a hinge

Whom do I see along myself?

Without rotating the spheres of my neck!

Whom do i find in wild yawning mirages

Along those strides of my footsteps!

Who snorts when thunder falls

Who smiles when curtains turn

If the silence was instigated by the tides

Who created the yappings in the urns,

I bid goodbye! Who made these cinctures

Unto which a soul rises, sorted and sintered!

-kshipra pal

© 2018 Kshipra Pal

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