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Who Is That Man in the Window?


Where There Was One Now There is Three

It is early in the morning

Most people are racing to go to work

These guys are in no hurry

They sometimes meet at different times during the day

Today three of them are up at the crack of dawn

To trade stories of when they were young

Sipping coffee and joking

Poking fun at each other

Watching everyone else like a hawk

They can sit for hours

Off in a corner

Their favorite spot

One guy comes in all dressed up

A sharp dresser he certainly is

Not one hair out of place

Like he is ready to go to a wedding

The other guy lives in sweat pants

The last guy likes to wear his favorite dungaries

Hey, Joe what's new with you?

I keep telling you every day

Nothing changes the same old routine

Where's Bob?

I talked to him the other day

He said he would be here

I wonder if something happened?

Quit your belly aching

He is always late

I think he told me once

He was three weeks late for his own birth

Old Sammy was complaining on que

I could set my watch to him

They have no right

Taking so much out in taxes

I tell you the government is all a bunch of crooks

They give us social security and in the next hand they try to take it away before the money gets cold

Why can't you guys see it?

It is an armed robbery in plain sight

I know what you mean

I worked all those years in construction

For what?

Retirement isn't all fun and games

I rolled out of bed the other day

I rolled right on to the floor

Lucky I landed on my brains

You can say that again

Even today my back is a little sore

Did you see that?

See what?

How could you miss her?

She was a real doll

I didn't see her

I was looking down

The lid came off my coffee

Joe you wouldn't see Miss America if she walked right in

I told you I have to get my eyes checked

The doctor said I have cataract

I have known you a long time

You couldn't see many years before you had the cataract

Hey that's not nice

Who said I am nice

All right children

Do I have to separate you two

I should of got a muffin

Nobodys stopping you from getting a muffin now

Well I got to go

I heard it is suppose to snow

Don't believe everything you hear

If you did you'd go crazy

That didn't help you

You are already crazy


DREAM ON (author) on March 28, 2019:

Linda Rogers Not now but maybe someday. I am more of a tea and blueberry muffin kind of guy. I eat that when I am at home when I am on the computer. I really enjoy the comforts of home when I don't have to go to work. Then again I love a good story. I might return with the group just to see what's cookin. Thank you for reading and sharing. Today is a little windy. I got outside and did my first Spring raking. I love being outside. The fresh air and the exercise. Have a wonderful day.

DREAM ON (author) on March 28, 2019:

John Hansen The funny part of the whole story is my version is made up. I couldn't remember what went on during the short time I was there. There were so many small interactions that happened so quickly. Many conversations going on at once. When I tried to recap what had taken place my own creative juices started flowing. So I got to tell you about my imaginary friends. As if I was part of the group. I am glad you enjoyed it. I might write more in the future. That is if my imaginary friends meet again.Thank you for reading and don't forget to grab a donut,muffin and a coffee before you leave. Have a beautiful Thursday.

DREAM ON (author) on March 28, 2019:

Gypsy Rose Lee It is so frustrating when things don't go as planned. I too love to write in my p.j.'s. Then there are times I am way to comfortable and watch t.v. or go back to bed. I had the chance to visit with a few guys and women who go to Duncan Donuts at different times of the day. They are retired or semi-retired. I watched them interact. I was an outsider. My cousin recently started sitting with this group. He met them one morning and sat with them over coffee. The whole time I was there I was thinking of all the things I could be doing. These people range from three to fifteen. They take up half the donut shop. They have been their so often. They even have their own seats. I was amazed at what I have never noticed before. This particular group has been meeting for years. Different people come and go. Some have a sense of humor and other people add in a few words every so often. This gives people an opportunity to get out of the house. They have their own families that are touched upon lightly. If it was a writing group I would be all in. The next day it crossed my mind to see what they were up too. I decided to walk in a nearby reservation. The weather was cool but nice. I got more out of my walk and said a brief hi to people that I passed. I later went to work. Work was busy and I had little time to focus on anything else. Thank you for reading and sharing. Keep doing what you are doing. You write wonderfully. I am glad I get to read your thoughts. The sun is coming up now. The time is 6:25 A.M. Good morning to all you early birds. I am going back to bed.

DREAM ON (author) on March 28, 2019:

Gypsy Rose Lee I tried to write you a comment a few times with no avail. Something quirky happened. My page jumped and before I could post a comment it was gone. So here I go again. I admit sometimes my hand and eye coordination is off. As I type my keys my hands don't function properly. My hands are in the wrong position. They are fighting my mind. So as I correct silly words that I have typed. That makes no sense. I almost lost this comment too. I will continue my post on another post.

Linda Rogers from Minnesota on March 27, 2019:

Hi my friend-you wouldn't happen to be one of these coffee clutcher's? I felt like I was sitting with them & overhearing a conversation. Hope your well today.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on March 27, 2019:

Haha, some lively banter here between these three friends. A fun read, thanks for sharing DreamOn.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on March 25, 2019:

Working at home I have started a routine which I realize I need. Right now I go out about once a week but should do it twice. I will eventually. My attire has me dressed in comfortable house dresses and I allow myself to relax in my nightdress on Sundays. One of the reasons I write on a desktop PC is that I could just picture myself settled in bed with a laptop and soon I might not even wish to emerge into the land of the living. So discipline and routine is the name of the game for me.

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