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Who Is A Mother?

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Amara is a writer and love to express her thoughts and emotions through poems and poetry.


This is a tribute to all mothers. They bring up their children, spending their time, money and even their youth on them, and in return they ask for nothing. It is obligatory for all to give respect to their mothers.

A mother is the one

Who endures a great pain

Bringing you to this world

Without saying even a word

She brings you to life

Make you her sunshine

She forgets her pain

When she see your smile

She stays awake all night

Putting you to sleep

She forgets to eat

But never overlook your needs

She spends her life

Looking after you

Taking care of you

Fulfilling your desires

Never ask anything in return

She find pleasure in your joys

You can't even return her anything

All you can do, is to give her respect

Tell her, that you love her

Mama you are the best

I am nothing without you

Indeed, I am blessed

But when you are a grown up

You don't need her anymore

You say mama, you don't know anything

Can you please keep your mouth shut!

This breaks her heart

This makes her cry

Make her feel worthless

Like a trash on a side

She will leave you alone,

Even if she has no place to go

She will not disturb you anymore

Even she have to sleep on a road

How cursed this child is

Once she used to adore

He don't need a 'silly mother' anymore

Please don't be this child, don't be like him

Respect your mom, that's all she needs

Apologize to her, It's a good deed

She will not abhor you, for whatever you did

God made her a mother, that's how she is built.

© 2021 Amara

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