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Who I Am- Poetry

As a woman who does not fit into society's views of what a beautiful woman looks like. I learn to embrace and love myself just as I am.


Who I Am

Tall, Sexy, and built—
Ebony hair…. Straight, shining,
Soft like the delicate fabric of silk
That flows gently upon soft olive skin
Glistening with the slightest light……
This I am not.

I am soft like a baby’s skin,
Plump, like a Georgia Peach,
Lightly tanned as if kissed
By love’s morning light.
Wise beyond years yet to be lived;
Overflowing with beauty
That only the heart can see.
This is who I am

Within my heart lies a soul
Filled with a beauty
That only true love can see.
Pure like an Angel’s kiss
I long for that one touch….
That one true love who can see
What no one else can see….
Who can love like
No one else knows how…..
And who can release within my soul
That dormant Tiger
That for too long has hibernated within me.

And I wait until the day the eyes
Of my heart’s desire
Will be opened.
And so I wait….


© 2019 Amada Gonzalez