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Who Flipped A Switch

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It Was Nice And Sunny Out

At six-thirty it instantly turned dark

I was outside as long as I could be

The weather was in the low 70's

This is the best time of the year

No bugs

There is a nice breeze blowing right now

I went outside to tidy up the yard

Cleaning up the leaves and the acorns

There sure are a lot of them

Four hours later

I lose track of time

There is always more to do

When I come in my wife has supper cooking

Sweet Italian sausages,peppers and onions

Corn and cinnamon apple sauce

I was starving

I hop in for a shower

It is so nice to have a wife

That not only did the food shopping

Cooked supper too

Most of the time we do everything together

She knows I was busy in the yard

It is not her favorite activity to do

So I don't mind and we reach a good balance

After we eat

I do the cleanup

I wash and dry the dishes or pans

Then I join my wife in relaxing

She is watching a little t.v.

I go on the computer and play catch up with my comments

A little after eight and a few more hours before bed

A full day and we both will sleep good tonight

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