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Who Else Can't Sleep ?

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It Is Too Early To Get Up

My body is working against me

I ask myself what did I do ?

I went to bed the usual time

My wife tossed and turned

Her knee was bothering her

She couldn't get comfortable

Maybe I am having sympathy pains

For my wife

In my mind I am thinking if she can't sleep

Neither should I

Well going to bed I didn't think that way

I rubbed her back and scratched her head to take her mind off of it

I always like that when I am not feeling good

Who knows what goes on in the subconscious level

I am just throwing it out there

The weather has been cooler in general

Even so I still put on the ceiling fan

Just to feel that breeze

Our cat Charlotte also felt left out

So when I finally did dose off

She roamed across our bureau and started to cause havoc

Knocking things over

As to say what about me?

I say get down

She won't listen

So I physically have to get up

She runs to the kitchen

She has food

I top her dish off

She is spoiled

She likes to have afull dish not just a quarter full of her tiny little dry morsels

Well there you have it

It just turned 6:30 A.M.

I went to bed at 2:00 A.M.

Four and a half hours doesn't cut the mustard

So I am going to give it the college try

Close one eye

Then close the other

Think amazing good thoughts

Today we are heading to the Topsfield Fair

The weather is looking nice

I haven't been there for seven years

Usually when the fair comes to town

The weather is all crappy

We are going to meet up with some dear friends

Who we keep in touch with but don't get to see to often

They have two wonderful kids who just graduated last year

Now they are both venturing in their own fields of interest

Their daughter still living at home

Their son wanted to live in Vermont

I like to see when children get old enough to be adults

Making big decisions and hopefully they remember what their parents tried to teach them

Do the right thing

Stay out of trouble

We are proud of you

We are here for you

We love you

You have to test the waters

I remember doing the same at your age

You have a lot of responsibilities

We will be watching you from a distance

Have a good day and make your life something special

Be all you can be

When faced with challenges don't blame the world around you

Look for solutions that you have the ability to figure out

Find something good in every day

Let the bad pass

There will be many days with a weird combination of both

May you see through the rough patches

We all have to work

It doesn't mean we can't have a lot of fun along the way

Bringing the power of love into our life

My wife just got up

She went to the t.v.

She couldn't sleep either

I decided to go back and crawl in between the sheets

Hoping wonderful dreams start to flow

Good night or is it good morning

I wish for you a nice day

One that will repeat the things that you love

At the same time create thoughts of something new

One more day of discovery

Rise and shine little ones

Off to school you go

I remember those times vividly

I am glad those years are done

They were good but I wouldn't want to do over

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