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Who Broke Your Heart?

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Who broke your heart?

In youth, I broke my own heart

Wherein I failed to trust my parents and others older than me,

When I neglected to tell them all the things which wounded me,

I broke my heart because I had to live with my immature choices,

Which would open a crooked path to inner lies, masked as secrets,

Who broke your heart?

As a teen, I broke my heart,

Believing in the illegitimacy of infatuation without parental consent,

Nor the emotional stability, or maturity to embark upon such a feat,

I broke my heart not to report all these new, and unfolding features,

To the parental authorities given to guide and teach me, how to live,

Who broke your heart?

As a young adult, I broke my heart,

When I in ignorance of moral standards, I ignored myself,

I broke my own heart, over and over again, I blame no one,

I accuse myself and excuse myself, who can I blame for a broken heart?

No one can I blame for my broken heart, no one but dishonesty and me.