White Men Can't Rhyme

Updated on October 30, 2017

White Men can't jump

BILLY HOYLE is a former ballplayer.
A former LSU tiger.
Who found a living by hustling streetballers.
By making them assume he's just a watcher.
Just watching. Assuming that his skin color.
Limits him from playing like a brother.
He meets SIDNEY DEANE while hustling.
A player that's talented and cocky.
Billy challenges him in a shootout.
Beats him and Sidney figures out.
That this white man can really play.
Sidney wants to join him and play.
Billy and Sidney are walking around.
Hustling and taking players down.
Their success came to a sudden end.
When Sidney double-crossed his own man.
Made Billy lose $1700 dollars.
To a bunch of cowards.
That happened to be Sidney's buddies.
Billy was hustled by Sidney.
Billy went to get his money back.
Sidney was not giving it back.
So they both agreed for another way.
They enter a tournament the following day.
The $5000 if they win it.
So billy disrupts their opponents.
Which disables their concentration.
Sidney and Billy end up winning.
He and Sydney split the money.
While riding home, Billy's insisting.
That he can jump high like Sydney.
Billy bets his share and ends up losing.
Losing his money and girl too.
Sydney helps Billy get it all back.
Sydney's home gets robbed.
Sydney asks Billy to help him do a job.
The job is very successful.
They win enough to get out of trouble.
But it came with a cost.
Billy realizes that he really lost.

Sidney Deane
Wesley Snipes
Billy Hoyle
Woody Harrelson

Wesley Snipes

Snipes was born to Mayann and Wesley Snipes Sr in Orlando, Florida but he grew up in New York. There he attended school. His parents apparently wanted him to graduate in Florida so that is just what they did. They moved back to Florida. Determined to become an actor he decided to move back to NYC and eventually moved to L.A. Soon after he was discovered. In 1986 he made his debut on the big screen. He appeared on big TV shows afterward. As time went on more doors just started to open for him. He started catching the eyes of big named movie producers everywhere. Below are a few of his big-name movies.

The 1990's Movies

King of New York, Mo' Better Blues, Jungle Fever, White Men Can't Jump, Money Train, Waiting to exhale, Demolition Man, Blade

The 2000 Movies

Blade 2, Blade: Trinity, The Expendables 3

Woody Harrelson

In 1961 Dian and Charles Harrelson had one of the best-known actors in Midland, Texas. Born there but he was not raised there. He moved to Ohio at the tender age of 12. There he finished school. After he graduated he moved to Indiana to finish college and obtain a bachelor's of arts degree in theatre and English. Harrelson became known for his work on TV Sitcoms. He was Woody Boyd on the show Cheers. For this role on the show, he received five Emmy nominations and only winning one. He starred in the spin-off Frasier as Woody Boyd. Will and Grace soon after and more. All during his TV sitcom roles, he was also becoming large on the big screen. Below is a small list of his movies.

The 1990's movies

White Men Can't Jump, Money Train, King Pin, Austin Powers

The 2000 Movies

Anger Management, Seven Pounds, 2012

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