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White Lilacs and Winter Poems

Verlie Burroughs is a west coast writer from Vancouver Island.



Because my friend has not been well, I wanted to write something to comfort her. In these poems, as in real life, the white lilac is a reminder of her Mother's love.

White Lilacs*

I will love you when White Lilacs bloom in Spring,
and when Roses summer breathes.
I will love you at the Fall.
And when Winter comes -
I will love you
most of all.

*Inspired by Kim Johanna Baker's garden.

White Lilacs II

Scented, snowy, roundly grow,
olive branches where you go.
Perfumed, heated, rippling prayer,
lifting you into the air.
With love so profound
your feet won't touch the ground.

Musical Interlude

There is a Moon

There is a moon
outside the room
riding high light
bright night sky
stars aligned
fast Earth spins
her wintery rune
to cosmic tune.

Winter Window

Bright blue wings hidden

under green storied branches

ride out the storm's wrath.

Rioting wild red rose hips

free-fall into tumbling sky.


Wood Song

Axe falls on clear wood
sharp scent of cedar kindling,
singing as it falls.

A Poet Writes at Night

Rain whispers wind songs on the window,
a leap of faith lures poet from the pillow
to winnow lines in woolen air.
A poet writes at night, in dim light, without sight.
Night hides the travesty of work week karma,
the worry, and hurry of daytime drama.
Covering, oh so gently the strife.
A poet writes at night.

Photos from Pixabay

© 2019 Verlie Burroughs

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