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Whistle While You Work Lalala... Writing in Rhyming Fashion

I know everyone is growing weary with this C virus, so I have a few suggestions that might help?


People moaning, " I'm bored oh so bored "

Staying inside, wearing a mask when we go outside, feeling absurd

I have a fix for all your whining woes

Start your Spring cleaning, you'll feel better and soon you'll get rid of your inner lows

Spring time cleaning, a dirty, dusty chore

Funny I love it! I want more and more

up on my ladder swipe-swipe-swipe

Look at my windows, they sparkle with each and every wipe

My house is beginning to make suggestions

My walls are calling me, " Paint me a new beautiful shade

Like maybe a cool pastel, or a light green or a soft blue, something that won't fade "

My hardwood floors are yelling, " What about me? I need a spray of mop and glow "

" That sounds good to me, it will add to the beauty of our friendly décor "

I hear a low twirl, looking up I see the overhead ceiling fans

" Whoa, slow down, remember I only have two hands "

The gas fireplace is sputtering, " I need cleaning too. After all I kept you warm on those cold winter nights

Cuddling together, watching my flame flicker so bright

My thoughts on the C virus

This old C virus can make a person's ego take a nose dive into obscurity

But my house spurred me on with their suggestions, and I found cleaning is good for the soul, leaving me in a state of complete serenity.


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