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Whispers From the Soul


Whispers from the Soul

Painters have been painting for many a
trying to put down on canvas what
appeases man's senses regarding esthetics,

Singers and musicians have been tinkering
with vocal and instrumental chords
for ages
attempting to vocalize and orchestrate
the elegance and truth that envelops us
in the organic and the spiritual realms

Lovers have been falling in and seeking love
that lasts, attempting to find the perfect
heart with depth that can love for all

As a child I always wondered and worried
if I would ever find the right one who would
understand me, teach me, and love me
with purity of heart and mind, with

Although my search was in vain
as I dealt with a million worries and
attempting to find someone with
the depth and courage
to dig deep into my heart, ravage my soul
my antidotes all lay within the poisonous
tree-thoughts that I watered daily
what I was seeking, was also seeking me
gently and patiently

In vain I spent all my time
on the outer aspects of all phenomena
but I'm tired of all this hum drum
and the only permanence is the soul
as this body, being organic, decays
into a rotten spectacle

Truth, happiness, love, wealth
all things blessed and beautiful
can only be encountered in life by
the one who pays attention
to the inner life

The One I was searching for does exist
but not in any visible physical realm
He has always been there, within me
teaching, loving, guiding and shaping

I am bad with words, and have no
but my knowledge can be acquired
neither through study, nor in a

© 2019 Mo Durrani

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