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Whispering Praises to Love. Sunday's Inspiration 37, to Love

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Wisdom from Alexandra Vasiliu

"Touch my Heart

With the hands of Love.

This is the only way

I could ever bloom." - Alexandria Vasiliu

"At its quintessence,

Love cannot lose the Light.

Love is the Light." - Manatita

Tulips of the Heart


Whispering Praises to Love. (Written for a Friend)

Soft and gentle, like spring’s evening

Breeze. Bedecked with inner beauty,

Like silvery dew-drops on lotus-flowers.

Accommodating, like sunrise to the

Dawn; like serene Silence, to

The snow-white purity of the Heart.

Your soul’s adorned in marigolds

And pearls, swallowing the night;

Nourishing the moon with its lustre.

Your elegant smile glistens,

Like the crimson sunset. Sweetness!

Sweetness par excellence! A thousand

Times more magical than the grapes of Tuscany.

Duty beyond diligence! A lustrous Light,

Reaching for the sublimity of constellations!

Yet you are as blades of grass, meek, self-giving;

Sharing your shade like a yielding willow.

A kaleidoscope of colours, ascending, charming,

An eloquent affection-flooded tune on life’s

Alchemy of music, whispering praises to Love.

Manatita, 26th June, 2021

Joy-filled Lustre


Sweet, Sweeter, Sweetest is This Love. (A Mystical Love-poem)

Sweet, sweeter; sweetest is this Love,

You and I walking a wondrous waltz,

Peach blossoms cascading beneath our feet.

Your scarlet robes glow in the shimmering

Rays, with an elegance and poise unmatched,

Even by the glimmer of the radiant sun.

We kowtow three times; face each other with

Smiles from heaven; bowing once more to the vows

Of matrimony. Our memories engage as past dreams

Unfurl, our souls savouring the sweetness of supernal wine.

To me this quote below, implies Oneness --complete identification with Love alone


My core emits beauty, trembling with the

Magical thrills of happiness, as a symphony

Of melodies enchant me, blending in harmony

With the eloquence of the psalmist David.

The pink peonies glisten, opening the firmament to

Make ready, the glowing sacrifice of roses. Lavenders

Augment their fragrance, even as the jasmines blush and

The bridesmaids pay homage, to this magnificent setting.

Butterflies dance in circling loops, as the grove

Becomes a kaleidoscope of colours, more bewildering

Than sunsets and stars. Clouds create formations, singing

Silent arias to our testimony, while the cheeks of my

Shyama, become adorned with scent and majesty.

Here in this tenderness and fullness, the redbreasts

Give us feathers, so we could fly, rainbows paint colours

On our cheeks as the lips merge, quivering with bashfulness.

Touched by reverence, my Heart sang a thousand ballads,

Even as tears flowed, rallying victory-songs from Paradise. The

Agony of past challenges, became the sweetest possible wine.

Today the starlings sing ‘I love you’s’, to the sparrows, even

As the blue-bells glow and canaries laugh ecstatically. Shafts of

Light descend as our souls merge, whispering praises to Love.

- Manatita, the Lantern Carrier.19th April, 2021


Wisdom from Maya Angelou and Whispering Mists

"Everything in the universe

Has a rhythm.

Everything dances. - Maya Angelou

"Courage is being yourself,


In a world that tells you

To be someone else. - Whispering Mists

"The Heart is the garden

That always has room,

For the flowers of kindness

And friendship to bloom." - (Author unknown)

This Unspoken ... timeless Love

© 2021 manatita44

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