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Whirligigs in Poetry: The Circular Argument Spinning to Common Sense

Tim Truzy is a poet, short-story author, and he is currently working on several novels.

We spin and stop

We spin and stop

Going Around and Around Truth

Everything transitions. For example, liberal ideas eventually become conservative and vice-versa. Art which was once considered vulgar becomes accepted , and then they fade to an unpopular status. Basically, new techniques and forms of expressions usually arise out of different cultures from the mainstream. These forms require time for acceptance. However, original ways of using materials and expression does not equal a diminishing of art as a whole.

For instance, cinema was once thought substandard to books. Moreover, jazz wasn’t considered art, and now is praised. Finally, break dancing was considered lacking artistic grace, but now it will be part of the Olympics. Without question, history is filled with this merry-go-round of arrogance which moves toward understanding. In conclusion, views of art are like a whirligig. I wrote this poem thinking of these facts. Enjoy: The Circular Argument Spinning to Common Sense.


We are dizzy with confusion because we circle the truth.

We are dizzy with confusion because we circle the truth.

I. The Circular Argument Spinning to Common Sense

At issue:

I hear you say you are colorblind?

When you look at me,

What do you see?

Is brown missing from your eyes?

Or the sounds of towns I helped found

Covered in another gray shielding your sight?

Maybe my ebony heartache is too loud for you to keep?

Green filled coffers away from your lawns,

You tell me: “Don’t go jogging with the dawn.”

But I do every season even beyond March,

From all over the world:

All eye colors totally clear vision in 2020.

Tell Silent Sam Uncle Sam said so.

Why do bats make us see clearer?

They don’t have 20/20 vision,

But I hear they hear really well,

Listening as we shake our heads at hospitals.

With void encircling with steady laughter,

Or a bat waiting to swoop or swing again.

Up and out in a spiraling circle.

Disfigured information trumpeting disunity,

Flying over yards or in markets,

Should blindfolds be standard like masks?

Sailing mucus fired torpedoes.

Fatal injuries and grounded grief.

II. Rationale

I reach out with opened pink-palmed hand:

You are inflamed with ragged red inferno,

Encompassing your heart, heels, and head because of a drop of ridiculous blood,

Isn’t that a political shade?

Forgive me. Not a state for a commune or community.

Burning, torching away at your soul,

Roasting flames turning your inside to ashes.

But that doesn’t matter to you, really.

Since some are merely matter in your scarlet haze,

While others matter more in misty alabaster whiffs of a place never existing.

Is asphalt beyond your sight?

Edges of streets where you ride.

Watch the yellow caution and passing lane.

What is that you lack?

Pardon me. You are colorblind.

And our many drops of blood circulate in a jig,

Or a whirligig.

Let’s not swerve about the facts

Let’s not swerve about the facts

III. Analysis

I don’t blame or name you.

Amounts belong to me and you a proof.
Why should history edit out the truth?

Prisons for the falsely convicted in robes,

Prisms split light from white to rainbows,

Poisons from pigments spinning in a can,

Hues turned black when twirled by a fan.

Whispered secret:

My ancestors and yours both bled.

In pain, iron, and lead,

We got together for meds in those watersheds,

Song, prayers, and friendship beyond the dead.

And He told us: “believe and act.”

Standing for right is a fact,

Holding up symbols to remind and attack.

Spill it out.

Take nothing back.

Spin whatever way you want in your own blown wind,

Heaven will not take you with dirty contacts.

I'm bidding on an eternal contract.

Words from it you can't subtract,

You gamble with deck stacked.

Roll your dice. Snake eyes are poor,

Some glasses for the pit,

At the speed you crash the floor,

You will not need sight to hit.

Do you see?

My feet are pink on the bottom for the Golden Streets.

Brown, red, yellow, white, or even lube and orange,

Who knows the tone when at last we meet.

Iv. Conclusion

When you see me,

What do you see?

Clouds are not all white from your paper pulpit,

Even when cataracts cover the sky,

Terror is not all black even precious obsidian,

When you need dark liquids to power your machines and react,

Especially, when your mansion looks like my shack.

Essentially, when your blood share my color,

Inescapable when you can’t find all of your historical brothers,

Isn’t Adam and Eve our genetic father and mother?

Don’t wave your statue at me with an X,

Marking Malcolm while no flag for the British

King honoring his holiday,

My colors are red, white, and blue.

Are you mixing them up?

Understandable if you are colorblind.

The whites of my eyes shine fire, too.

What’s bluer? Steel or the water He walked?

Don’t God me because I know Him well.

Science and religion point to Africa.

Did they tell you about Egypt? Ethiopia? Jordan?

Celebrate my brown as I do your flavor,

Join me in feasting life is a table.

My complexion is pecan in the sun.

Are you walnut, cherry, cinnamon, cream?

Tear down those stupid monuments to denying creativity,

Go in the restaurants. Look at the menu and make a selection.

When you look at yourself,

What do you see?

Ah! Just another customer:

Loving the revolving desserts of God Everlasting diner.

We are not static in life

We are not static in life

A Circle for Life

Using verse, I observed and dissected the current situation of our struggles. We are confronting race related issues in our nation and the world. Vision becomes blurry if we twirl around the same point. Inevitably, we act like tops without balance. We fight for quaking ground like flat tires on a car stuck in a ditch. We rotate in our own thoughts, like whirligigs, without the astounding beauty. We are boisterous, incredibly rude, and claim our arguments are the best.


We can halt the spin.

We can halt the spin.

Stopping the Cycle

Nevertheless, we have the capacity to grow. For instance, North Carolina decided to make whirligigs at a particular location the state’s preferred form of folk art in 2013. In fact, the photos for this article were shot at the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park in Wilson, N.C. Indeed, whirligigs have become accepted as art. Likewise, human beings must realize we are on Earth to end the swirling conflicts dance of tribalism and fear, leading to destruction.

Yet, our foundations will be ripped apart by insensitivity and the centrifugal force of disunity without the gravity of love. But we can take steps to alleviate hate. To halt whirling about and rusting in our irrational self-importance with the spiritual sickness of racism, grease the gears of living with kindness and gentleness. After all, we are here to be loved, accepted, and return those emotions.

Things to do to Enhance Life for Everyone

  • Befriend someone who is of another race.
  • Attend cultural events, festivals, holiday celebrations, etc., sponsored by different groups.
  • Eat a meal with someone from a different background.
  • Read fictional literature and historical texts from different cultures.
  • Have a meal at a restaurant which serves food from other countries with your family or friends.
  • Participate in worship with someone who is not like you.
  • Listen without judging to opposing views. .
  • Take classes about people from different groups.
  • Watch unbiased documentaries concerning various populations.
  • Educate your family and friends on behaving without prejudice, bias, or using stereotypes as you become more informed.
  • Act with compassion, understanding, and love in all interactions.

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