Whimsical Break

Updated on March 25, 2020

I stay contemplating the chances we take,

the promises we make

and the memories to forsake.

Because life may be the game,

but love is the gamble.

And we always take a few samples,

before the entrée can be handled,

to delight yourself in the different flavor

and savor a romance so sweet.

While being braver than most to take the chance to defeat

a life full of bitter and scorn.

because the one you thought you loved had left you forlorn

with no chance of a new love to be reborn.

But, we beat the odds on a day to day basis

because each day without them isn't a day wasted.

It's a blessing to be strong enough

to fight each day without them

and learn the true value of trust.

We must make sacrifices

to appreciate and learn the meaning of the word "US!"

From dusk until dawn,

we catch ourselves stumbling upon

memories of laughs and tears we shed

as we leave the lights on,

reminiscing on pictures while laying in bed,

your scent on my pillow and remembering words that you said

as your invisible touch lingers through my hair

with good night kisses on my head.

Even though God could hear my cries,

I didn't feel him there

because when I asked to have you forever,

He didn't acknowledge the whole prayer.

But, he let me have you for a moment

and then words were left unspoken.

Our bond completely broken

that left you another token to play your games..

your prize won!

Your feelings may have changed....

but, why does mine still remain the same?

You see, the wheels would have kept turning

if you hadn't broken the chains on this cycle

which left me in denial,

thinking you were worthwhile.

Yet, you decided to change up your style,

while my heart raced after you for miles

and all for just a smile.

And I may be in pain,

but it's a lesson well learned

because I burned away my tears

and my stomach no longer churns.

And as I start to face my fears

that you will no longer return,

my mind kicks into gear

and your presence isn't yearned.

So what I do with my life now

is no longer your concern.

I know I deserve better

and i will achieve it..

Someone who will write me love letters,

and my heart? They will NEVER deceive it.

So while you're with her,

I'll be with him,

and when the light in her eyes go dim,

you can drown in your sorrows,

whereas, I will swim

in the sea where my heart was once governed by your whims

but, the roles have reversed

now that you're out on the limb

and my feelings have skimmed

and no longer are cursed.

However.... I bare the beauty to grin...

and although I'm confident on the outside

............ the damage is done within!

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