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While it Lasts

Nothing is worth dying for except the right to make choices, freedom to chose who you want to be.

While it Lasts

No one is a sworn king, but just the
Tongue that has the power to crown one.
Everyone is poor in default.
And riches makes one grieve the more
We become hungry and thirst
Our belly gets filled, while we belch in
Yet the soul is empty and our heart is
Decieved that we want not.
For what we win can be lost, and what we
buy can be sold
No one is alone, even if he chooses to bury
His heart in his soul
His heart beats and he knows he can't exit
While we live, nothing but memories could
Be remembered of us when we finally catch
The blows of the grave.
Be brave, be strong, be confident
The words are soothing but how could it
bring life to a broken soul?
We all live but only a few let life live
Many follow their hearts, but few leads it
Our fears becomes our snares when we
We don't understand who we project.
It covers us from being healed, from being saved
For it is better to fail than to be a failure
What threatens us are our solutions,
For solutions doesn't come in goldflakes
If it comes as galls, eat it for it won't kill you
If it comes as an ocean, get drowned and die a soldier
If it comes as fire, get burnt and scream in pains
Just pains? Just death? Just broken?
We are not humans, but people living as humans
While it last, live the whole of your life trying something new
Be free and be desperate to be a legend and not a human
Humans die, but legends don't, because they remain in people's lives
While it lasts, be the last among the 10 billion people that
would give up trying to make it last.

© 2021 Benny Ugoia

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