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Which Way The Phone

What’s the answer after all this experience
I’ve lived longer than three men in their youth
I’ve taken a step back but not enough to notice
What’s bold is not reckless but instead truth

Growing up starting over growing up again
I can’t say it’s over because it never is
I relaxed the other day but it ended to soon
You felt my breath, I answered your heart’s quiz

Is there something I can read, something you write
I’m not passing through, the time is worth the wait
You have to tell me, is it really what you want
I’m no Judas, I won’t betray the direction of our fate

I’m not talking frivolously, everything's important
My nerves are on fire, my life is not out on loan
I’m giving it away, there is no return I seek
Only which way is the voice on the phone

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