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Where's My Mama?

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We all our have stories. We all have our dark times. I give hope to get positive energy coming my way in return. Don't we all?


Love Terms

Love-in-a-mist; the smell is exploring.
Love-handles; I bet I wasn’t gonna be slender forever.
Love-hate-relationships; destructions I want out.
Love-horns; always out there to get me.
Lowly is one of me; nobody can drag me down.

Sometimes offers come at the wrong time.

Just after you’ve been tirelessly seeking while they ignored.

And now you don’t know how to nicely reject them.

Or perhaps they are not my type?

Why don’t I just say no?

And there goes the misunderstanding.

Over, and over, and over again.

Same offers, same patterns, same events.

Good? Mostly Vis a Vis.


The Pressure

It’s like a love-bite,

My presence in their lives I mean.

Sometimes hated, sometimes loved.

My devoid makes their hearts grow fonder.

But when in there, abysmal.

If you can’t love me when I’m here,

Then why not let me be elsewhere?

If all you know is copying and competing,

Invasion, intrusion, destruction,

Then why not find something you are good at and focus on it?




We all have our versions.

I find them as events that are primitive and ruinous.

Or should I marry a Sepoy?

Polka- dance; I miss it.

I don’t wanna be just a prime-mover.

I wanna enjoy the fiscal appreciation and participate in the events too.

You can’t be a competitor and my friend at the same time.

Choose one. We both know who is fooling the other here.

And I’m thankful for those who stood by me during these uneventful times.

The she-devils hate that I’m a sybarite.

And so are the males.

Counting my papers coming in and out.


Dee Writer

But like a rhymester, I can’t help it.

Grisly grizzling at their tactics.

Always standing, seating, beside, behind.

Watching, listening, and talking.

As I scribble on that keyboard.

Still playwriting to my roots; despite how un-zany it may seem.

Money counting; you tell me, what is the problem?

Forgivess & Change

To err is human; to forgive, divine. To live and let live.

And I hope we all let each other be.

Just like Justin and Marey.

A love story to remember.

I owe no one any explanation.

Not everyone deserves to know the real you

Essays Frontier

Pum Puum, Boommm!

My stomach beat like the background music in the ending of the intriguing episode.

The clock is ticking.

I can’t wait to get there.

I can’t wait for Essays Frontier to thrive.

I can’t wait to be his mystical, magic queen.

The one and one only.

Someone who can keep me warm inside.

Cause its frozen.

“Story of My Life”

The Hustle & Buzzle

Every day is a puzzle!

A hard nut to crack.

Often feels like “The Haunting of Blynor”.

“You’ve reached Bernie; leave her a message”.

“Dee-Dee where are you?’

Dare Me”; and I’ll leave in a flash.

I hate knots’ conspiracy; especially now.

Homelessness, discomfort; sad?

Unfortunately not because of them.

And the whispers in their ears, ‘”Tell Me Your Secrets”.

Lucifer’, is that you?



I hate changes. Bad changes. I want my old life back.

No, I want a bigger, better, better, and better lifestyle.

I can’t stand injustice; I love diversity.

Embrace it or shut.

I believe in everyone that believes in me.

Never be ashamed of wanting.

Never be ashamed of being yourself.

Never apologize for having dreams.

For unexplained life is not worth living.

And so is an unpurposeful living.

The Old ME is Dead and Gone

Everyday they try to fact-check me.

The people that invite themselves in my personal life

The invaders of privacy!

The people in cohorts with my enemies to keep me stuck forever.

After letting go of the anguish brought by the man who brought me huge loss in my business, pain, and being broke since last year

I can’t go back there. Not the trauma.

And I can’t live like this. Not the trauma! Not the discomfort.

I can’t lose interest or be hopeless as you all wanted me to be.

This has to STOP!

I am not abandoning anyone.

I just want to take care of me too.

Why force people that already know what they need?

Why mistreat people that don’t wanna stay?

Why be selfish? Why be possessive? Why be evil?

Why not let others gain just like you?

And why can’t you all be there for me as you want me to be there for you?

Who invited them to view my stories?

I am simply trying to help me as I have helped everyone else.

Seems people are pure selfish.


Team Work

I don’t need enemies.

I have better things to focus on.

Like equality and freedom? Justice? Money?

Because I believe in ‘the equalizer’.

Everybody wanna steal me from me.

Everyone wanna take her out of the way.

Find another one, she belongs to me.

Hey, I’ll be your friend in need if you can be one.

I’m a ‘Good Doctor’; just be a good patient.

Will you?


My Old Flex is My New Flex Now

And those that investigate people without their consent?

Those that seek people who don’t care about others’ lives,

What could be your problem?

Or you wish I was a criminal?

So you could destroy me?

Like you destroyed the other ones?

Or you just want to watch me suffer?

And then what do you get in return?

Must be a nice offer, right?

Can we talk about you for a moment?

Should we reverse the attention to you?

I can make it happen.

Or should we arrest the invaders?

Did they know that it is a huge crime?

Those that don’t want to see me earn and thrive,

Where is your money? You can’t have your cake and eat it too!

Just mind your business if no one minds yours.

And about diversity;

The diversity of the minds;

The diversity of the activities;

Diversity of likes and dislikes,

Embrace it or keep your opinions to yourself.

Why judge me and I haven’t bothered with you?

Why accusations and shenanigans?

Since last year, the cycle is still the same.

I Learned The Hard Way

This message is for those that forced themselves into my personal life.

Indirectly watching, judging, criticizing, and acting as told by opponents, as I try to make ends meet.

As I try to survive this negative energy that drains me every day from my surroundings.

As I try to earn and live. As I try to set myself free.

Because nobody cares!

Or is it because I refuse to sacrifice my own life for someone else?

I came here for a purpose.

I have done my work. I need my space.

I need to live. I need a life too.

And this is when I declare; “For Me and My Peace, Till Death Us Depart”.

And even in my after-life, Heaven is awaiting me.

And if I die prematurely before I get my freedom; away from you; and be happier,

I will come back to HAUNT you all!

None-the-less, I will always that humble, passionate, exotic columnist;

Ready to be useful as long as well endowed.

© 2021 Diana

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