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Where Am I From?

Since the moment I held a pencil I've been creating with drawings and words. I believe paintings enlighten and poems entice our thoughts.

There are questions that don't have conclusive answers but leave us wondering. Poetry is a comfortable place to ponder around in, that leads us to find our own answers.

Ocean Life

By Mary Borges (aka ML Borges)

By Mary Borges (aka ML Borges)

Where Am I From?

I’m from atoms floating in galactic stars

A moon spitting light around a circular mass

Sunlight feeding earth-barren trees

My first love of breath from a cave of serenity.

I’m from strong-rooted structures

Filled with round balls in multitudes of colors

Sweet filled liquid inside

Cascades down the pipe

Squelches my hunger with strings of joy.

I’m from bulls with character

Mopping wet with enthusiasm

Stairways to heaven

Rock, rolls, and banded groups

Long-hairs driving around in peace-loving beetle bugs.

I’m from a garden

Stroked by the hands of Monet

Stirred by the sounds of a hummingbird

Filled with the feast of a wedding

Protected by the strength of a Tiger.

I’m from a museum

Mystical medleys of color

Round out each canvas

While dancing figurines

Sit still on dusty shelves

Longing for life.

I’m from lands afar

A firefly floating in space

Sparse little towns

Quiet corners of the earth

Quills of calm inside.

I’m from each of you

Shared molecules

A nest of cuckoo’s

A mix of matter

A first breath and a last.

© 2020 Mary Borges

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