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Where the Crowds Gather and Meet

Bright city lights


The City Life

Walking down the street

Where the crowds gather and meet

in street cafes and shops

Many different stops

The rush hour traffic

jostling to catch a cab

A throng entering the subways

that eventually get them home

Tired faces the passengers wait to get off

a long day at office

Their hot bath and bed they dream

soaking away the tensions amidst the steam

Cities have their pros and also their cons

Some find the country too slow and boring

City lights and vibrant cafe's is what they want

with it's challenges and non stop liveliness at it's core

Cities have their place in my heart

although the country will always be a part

of my past and memories etched in my mind

the slow pace of the fields and the bright blue sky, is kind to the soul.

Stately pine trees


Balancing City and Country

A balance between the city and the country can be a way of keeping up with what is going on in the world. Each is beneficial. Sometimes think a dose of each, is therapeutic.

Roses and hearts


Walking down a leafy lane

A walk down a leafy lane or meandering through a rose garden, can do much to invigorate the senses and lift your mood.

Take time to smell the roses


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