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Where Has Our Love Gone?


What changed since the day we first met

The days when we were too nervous to say a word

Now we wish the other would never speak

What changed since high school?

The days when we broke curfew to watch the sunset

Now I watch the sunset from the couch

What changed since college?

The days when no one interested you but me

Now you seem interested in everyone but me

What changed since our wedding day?

The day we watched our son walk down the aisle

Now we argue over who he will stay with

What changed since our honeymoon?

The day we kissed on the warm beaches of Jamaica

Now we watch the sand leak from our hourglass

What changed?

The days when you said you would love me forever and more

Now you say you have fallen out of love

What changed?

© 2022 Wolfe Rygaard

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