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Where We Are After The Rain

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The Outlook Looks Grim

So here we sit

Quietly in a chair

Far away from any real interaction

A little after three in the morning

Once a sleep and cut off from the world

Where fantasy is our secret friend

Each day seems to collide

With other days that hide

Where a man once alive and well

Now a bit concerned and puzzled

Giving life a do over

Taking a different approach

Listening to people

Easily hurt and misguided

Now not steady and sure

Who once was

Caught in a cross-roads

Lost momentum and swept off my feet

Blown by the wind into the corner

Wondering if nature had it's way

Teaching me a lesson

I am to stubborn

That I flat out refuse to get

I stopped writing

If I was cast a spell

Where my thoughts were now

Stuffed in an old tree trunk

Not mine to have and to hold

Instead left to rot and decay with age

The cycle of life

We can not escape

Thinking back where there was sweet joy

Even if it wasn't true at the moment

We knew deep down it had to be there

All we had to do

Is dig deeper and deeper

That so many other people are wrong

Every day is lovely

It is us to find it's rhythm and beat

Every day is special and always should be treated as such

No matter what happens

There is always a silver lining

That one day will turn to gold

We have to give it time

We have to work at it

Taking what we have learned through years of experience

Or is it learnt

The toughest times

The strangest of events

No matter how difficult they may seem

It was a challenge

For us to rise

No different than a bread

That has fallen and turned out ruined in the past

For it was in our nature

The same nature that leads us down this path

Rocky muddy and insecure

We know we are meant to travel

Like so many others who have come before

Some have found greatness

Others have lost their way

It was us

Who put the brakes on

That went one step farther

Forgot and left the emergency brake on

Unable to move

Without discomfort and a hidden pain

We stopped

As the world around us

Continued without any resistance

Going on in a place where we were heading

But got off to early

Ringing the bell

Stubbornly and eagerly

Now in a hurry

We couldn't get off fast enough

Only to see

We not only got off at the wrong stop

We didn't know how to get back on

So we let each day

Drift us further and further apart

Waiting for the next bus to come

Deciding to walk for a spell

Realizing we could not continue to walk the rest of the way

One, because it would take us too long

Two, because we would never get where we were going

So if it was so easy

Why didn't we hail an Uber

Once again realizing we are not current and modern

We didn't have the app

Who even knows what hail means?

When the cabbies are few and far between

We walked even more

Where blisters now caused us much irritation and discomfort

We were not prepared

Unexpected and caught off guard

With one dilemma leading to another

So easy to burry our sorrows

Than face the truth

There is always a way

We remembered we had a bike

Once upon a time

It was a real fairy tale

Now old and tires flat

That would not work

At least we had an opportunity we did not only see

We did not want to believe

After much thought

We knew many friends who have always been by our side

That never left

They are still here

Who would gladly give us a ride

We were too stubborn

To swallow our pride

So as it may be

I have come back

To claim my right

To my seat

Where I deserve to ride

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