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Inspirational Poetry and Writing To Encourage Peace

Peace Rising In The World


Where The Dolphins Swim

When skies seem dull

And hope seems dim

Look up and watch

The dolphins swim

Catching the waves

With no care in the world

They dip and dive

These creatures so wild and so alive

Maybe us humans

Have cares too great

Maybe we have put

Too much on our plate

Credit- my own poetry

Freedom In The Ocean To Go Where They Please


Capturing The Senses

Have you noticed how the sea changes colours, depending on the clouds and sky and what sort of weather, is being experienced. I Love the moods of the ocean and sky, as they reflect each other and create a beautiful picture.

Painters have captured these differences and have mastered the art, of mixing the paints, to show off the moods and colours in nature.

On a clear day the waves are small and glistening with sunshine. You can almost see forever!

I love the ever changing scenes, that the weather brings. You never get tired of the variations and beautiful backdrops, painted by our Creator!

See your world, with new eyes and be blessed!

A Place To Refresh Our Soul


Nature Has A Way Of Creating A Serene Ambience

Have you ever watched the sun go down, or sat quietly on the sand gazing out beyond the breakers, to the horizon?

Something happens and we realise life is more than rushing at full tilt, meeting every deadline, that comes our way.

Living in the moment can also be beneficial. Enjoying the people around us and breathing in the fresh air, with gratitude.

A quiet scene from a bridge


A Slice Of Heaven

I love the white clouds scudding overhead and watching the seagulls flying effortlessly, as if they own the space. Very little colliding, on the wing either.

Cover Our Hearts With Love And Peace

Cover your land with your light O Lord
Cover our hearts with peace
Reach out to the lost and sad
Reach out O Lord we ask on bended knee

Spread your wings over our world
Like an eagle overhead
Sheltering your people on forgotten shores
Filling those that grieve

We trust in your love to give us hope
To keep us in your sight
Be attentive to our cry O Lord
And lead us up and out of the night

To mountains high and dreams fulfilled
Hearts overflowing and heartaches stilled

Credit - My own poetry

You Can Still Fly, Just Believe It

When life has thrown you a few curved balls, remember to wait for your second wind and then launch into the skies and trust God, for your dreams to be fulfilled.

Depression can tie you down to the ground, so give yourself a break and start believing that God has a greater plan that can make all the difference, to your bleak circumstances. It says in the Bible that nothing is too difficult for God and He can lift you out, of any impossible situation.

When negativity starts pinning you down, make an informed decision, to let go of attitudes and emotions that are destructive and able to destroy, your future dreams!

Prayer is the key and God sees every tear and hears every sigh!

Sunshine Poem

  • Poem: Sunshine
    Sunshine is a about the sunshine bringing life to every dormant blade of grass. It warms the soil bringing life to crocuses, hyacinths, and tulips to alert us of Spring. Songbirds wake us in the morning as little critters play. It puts joy in our h

Beautiful Worship Song

Life Is About The Choices We Make



A Cloud With A Silver Lining

When I look at a cloud with a silver lining, it gives me hope for better things. I am definitely not superstitious. but it is a source of inspiration.

Same is said for the cloudy circumstances, that hover over our heads, in our day to day lives.

Never cease to hope for better things and better days, for with prayer nothing is impossible. What you are hoping for, could just be around the next corner of your day, or week.

Negativity can also pose as a threatening black cloud, so keep your attitude positive and expect to see changes. Soon the sun will peep over the horizon and bring your ship in, with a bounty of good things.

So the moral of the story is not to give up and keep your goals and dreams ahead of you!

Awakening The Dawn


On The Wings Of Eagles

  • On the Wings of Eagles (an Inspirational Poem)
    The eagle is the king of birds, being able to soar higher and for longer than any other. Because of this it is seen as being closer to God and sometimes a symbol to represent the Lord himself.

Find Your Treasure In Stillness And Quiet

Let Peace rule in your heart and mind

Let Peace rule in your heart and mind

Our Choices Are What We Are Left With

We are told that we sleep in the bed we have made. Many a time my choices have been the wrong ones and I had to eat, a bitter pill.

Grasping after ideals and things that were not really important, to my well being and true fulfilment, as a person.

As they say, we learn by our mistakes.

Another thing I have learnt over the years, that changes can be implemented any time. It is never too late for a change of heart and direction.

We Should Try To Live Our Lives Without Cluttering It With The Unnecessary.

We seem to accumulate too much in our lives and it causes much more maintenance.Rid your life from time to time, from possessions that you do not need and give to those who do.

Wild And Free

  • Dolphins in the Surf
    Behold the dolphins that use to swim under our feet. I wish you could've been like them. This is an elegy to a surf-partner and childhood friend who caught his last wave way before his time.

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