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Where Our Home Is (Poem)

Jason, is an educator that uses his spare time to write poems

Where Our Home Is

This home we had built, a home where we stayed
Where mem’ries gathered, where feelings cascade,
I fondly cherish this house with walls of stone,
But sadly, we will leave it all alone.

I have this feeling that started to grow,
Like a dynamite that’s about to blow.
When I look back at moments that we had,
I am irrationally sad and glad.

This is where our story has begun,
When a husband and a wife became one,
Where our two happy children run and play,
I’m teary eyed recalling the old day

Hush my love; I know that it is hard,
I remember when this is but a yard,
An empty lot filled with grass, it’s a hassle,
But see we endured and built our castle.

I also don’t want to leave our old nest,
For I keep in me a part of this place,
But we have to move, for more things await,
New memories to make, just have faith

For as long as we have each other’s love
This family is a rock held by powers above,
My love, be brave, before we hit the road
We are a home; where’ver our abode.

© 2019 Jason Villar

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