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Where Leaves Go

Passionate storyteller striving to create meaningful connections. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”

They glide from a branch,
they go to forgotten lands,
they stay for a while,
in blue, orange,
and purple hues
to greet footsteps
and make rusty train
of autumn
but what happens to leaves?
Do they go to the moon,
to become part of seas,
the ocean
of thoughts left

With morning sun,
midnight moon
leaves make a promise
to keep safe
whispers in the wind,
the rustle
that guides loving hearts
in life’s crossroads
when home
seems far off
in misty horizons.

Leaves make a way,
they lead
lost travelers
to known paths,
their yellow brings out hope
orange fulfills the wish
to rest once more
in gardens of peaceful content
where no storms chase or melt
desires held close
in silk handkerchiefs, the magnets
of spirit.

What fate awaits them,
once they lead your steps home,
back to warm hearth
in loving embraces,
surrounded by dancing emotions
that keep heart
and mind joyful
to wait for another day?
Do leaves get tomorrow
or once they have fallen
today ends their fate
on the last sunset
in fiery glow?

The leaves weave one mantle
where each thought adds colors,
leaves talk to the wind
they tell how the butterflies
can carry the hopes they have treasured
into new seasons
of the heart.
They may go to meet sun,
on shimmering waves
of laughter and smiles
one leaf you remember,
the one
I carried with me today.

The hues that make autumn
different each time
are leaves and their voices,
their dance and whirlwind
of emotions.
They come from this fall
and all that were lived
softening hues with their wisdom,
adding bright tones
to hope’s veil.

They know there can only be
another fall
once we let grudges melt,
play with leaves for a day,
touch autumn carpet with love,
devotion for what is,
what will come
and the life in between,
gold line of one heart to yours,
mine, to each soul
waiting, becoming
and spreading kindness
in one glow of grace.

© 2021 Amy Christie

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