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Where In The World Are You Now?

I Am Looking For You

I thought you might be at home

Just maybe you got called into work

I think next week you were going out with some old friends

There might be a program on t.v. that you decided to watch

If you were hungry you would be sitting down to eat

Could you have decided to clean ?

Do the things you have put off so many times

I don't think you would start it now knowing you wouldn't have time to finish

Maybe you squeezed in a quick work out at the gym

I just got some gas and I didn't see your car

It's too dark out to be outside

Not late enough to be in bed

You could be on the computer

If you were ?

There are so many sites to see

I have to narrow down the search

I would first check all your favorite places you like to go

If I didn't see you there

I would still be curious where you could be

Good luck on all your future endeavors

If I was a detective

I thought I was hot on your trail

Then my leads went cold

Did I miss something before

Maybe I have to recheck and see if you now have arrived

What would the chances be ?

That you are on HubPages right now with me

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