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Katherine is a graduate of BS Criminology and currently waiting for her licensure examination. She's currently pursuing her writing career.

This is how you kill someone.

From that day you decided to leave,
Unspoken words on my trembling lips,
The sorrowful joy and flamboyant pain,
My heart still beats your precious name.

People write a painful song,
Every line of them defines it all,
It must have fate that we have met,
Though losing you I'll get in the end.

From the day you decided to walk away,
Still here, waiting for you every single day,
Loneliest days I keep in myself,
Survived each day without your help.

I wonder of how cruel love is,
Regretful heart from your gentle kiss,
Missing the touch of your warmth hands,
And still asking for a second chance.

Acceptance I'll keep within my heart,
Betrayal you gave would be my life's part,
My love for you would never turn into hate,
'Cause deep in my heart I'll choose to wait.

© 2019 Katherine Rose Cortez