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When you Spot Racism Say Something

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Racism.. when you see something say something


Is like a stubborn black head under your skin: you poke, you squeeze

You do everything in your power to get rid of it.. Then suddenly it comes to the surface

And there it was. That ugly disgusting blackhead:

Since being in this country, I have experience some racism on my job:

And throughout my walk of life, housing, job related here in America, to survive I would take it all in thrive

Whispering things to myself.. “Maybe they are having a bad day, or maybe I am taking

What he/she said to me to seriously.

From the family member, to the patients, whom I was in trust to care for..

I remember Mary, and I remember Jean and I remember Michael, who I remember the most

I asked Mary why Jean Granddaughter never

Comes upstairs to visit with her bed reddened grandmother,

Mary reply. “My daughter have issues,. She hates to be in the present of black people

I look at her in misbelieve, she further when on to say that her daughter was raised up

In predominantly white neighborhood in Florida, so she was afraid of colored people..

I turned to her and asked “if she was serious, she nodded her head..

Deep inside I felt a wave of sadness to that extent.. You as her mother should have known better

To encourage such behavior: when Mary took a walk to the nursing station to speak to the charge Nurse about her Mother condition, her husband Michael pulled me aside and said..

For many years now, he was doing his best to get his daughter to change her ways

And her way at looking at life… beyond that small town in Florida..

Mary was an Italian, she came from Italy, but I could tell she was disappointed in her daughter

Because of her granddaughter hatred toward black, brown and yellow people

She made a choice not to come upstairs on the unit, and visit her grandmother, so sad,

But, thank you Mary very much for that lovely Gucci $500 leather bag..

Another encounter with racism, when my daughter was preschool age,

I enroll her in a private daycare in Coney Island; all paper work was in place

And was ready for her to be admitted, they took my money, and information:

The first day at school I drop her off, everything seem fine,

Second day I notice a little change in my daughter sweet spirit,

She began to wet her bed, never want to get out of bed,

So I had to get to the heart of this: apparent this Philippine teacher

Had separated the children into groups, the black children in one group

And the white and light skins children in another, group,

So, I decided to have a talk with this woman, and asked her why??

“Her exact word, "your daughter have a speech problem,

My daughter at age two and half have a speech problem "really1

she turned to me and asked me where was I from? This Philippine teacher

“Where was I from? I think her speech problem is because you are from another country::

And you are from where I asked: her broken English was worse than my

Island accent;. So I detected a little racism going on there at the Daycare

That groups was just a racism tactic, to separate the children

Making them feel inferior, to the white children, I took my finding to the

School Principal I spoke to some of the other parents, and we threaten to take

It this situation a little further, and by the following week, we saw some changes,

A beautiful rainbow, class room, and for this Philippine teacher

I rather not say… my daughter is a teacher today, I doubt that she remember

That moment in time, we have to stop this racism Karen, nonsense as soon as we see it.

No more white privileges, no more being afraid to speak up for our children,who children

Will have to lead them out of the racism, political bullshit..

Black hair dyes do not cover up all of our grey hair:

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