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When You Let Pride In

Past Memories

Past Memories

Dwelling in my thoughts

reminiscing from the past;

sure can rewrite my future

while I cant rewrite my past.

Parents holding onto resentment

while I change my mindset and walk in a different direction;

I can't help but question their actions,

I don’t want pride to ruin my chances for a better life.

Why let pride decide my path?

Praying I never fall into this temptation of pointing fingers,

dwelling in the past, letting this affect my soul.

I see so much hurt in their lives,

letting this become a metal strain

while pride keeps roaming around in their heads ;

causing irritable behavior that I pray won’t hinder them forever.

This inspired a fire in me to never let past failures consume my chances

to live a happy life, full of blessings from above.

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