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When Will This War Be Over

When will this war be over I've been at Battle for a long time how long will I have to survive.

When will this war be over


When will this war be over everyday is getting more challenging the bullets and bombs are constant

The sleepless nights are catching up to me and my friends faces keep flashing in my face

I know the scars on my hands and face will never go away they're permanent just like the bad memories

My thoughts are beginning to get darker the lucky ones are the dead ones

I've been living like this for too long I know I have been changed for life the person I was is dead and gone just like my platoon

I find myself laughing and screaming and crying while the bullets are buzzing past my head in the middle of battle while I use this dead body for cover

This uniform that I wear is more than just a uniform the boots that I wear are more than just boots so I asked myself when will this war be over

The war and battle in my mind the constant fight everyday just to survive the self afflicted scars that will never go away my friends the people that I knew that died and passed away the dead body I use for cover is the fake smile that I put on every day

When will this war be over with me myself and I.


© 2021 Ajamblr ajamblr

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