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When We Ask - Who Are You?

I am a poet, an Author, a motivational speaker and a love coach.

Time tells it all.


Have no fear

I live in space,
Somewhere called earth,
It is home;
I can vacate the planet,
And still return looking queen,
Who dares become Jade when am gone?
I live -
Looking face to face with trouble
At my widow,
I whisper for my jet,
And a thousand doves come in array,
I seek peace in my heart,
Kindness in my bones,
Love in my soul,
But pain in my tongue,
I deceive with my eyes;
And it sings these praises:
Slow down,
She is heading north,
Even when her east is on fire;
Hold on the queen can take it,
Just like her bones that walks on ice,
Sleep well you will live long:
Because she still writes.


I cannot smoke the weed papa left,
I cannot smile like grand ma,
I just cannot travel the world like the stars,
But I can sit like the old ma;
Who watches the world from her pot,
And tells her palm;
Its time to go home:
I want to drop my world on you all,
You have all been lazy,
My spaceship is landing,
You all are about to evaporate.

The world can see your worth.


Say no to blind folds

I beat Satan to draft,
I tell that to my friends on tea day,
And they just fry my words,
Like some egg on the sun;
Jade is oat:
She does not believe what power is.
Hold on let me spell it:
Pieces the remedy and remember the recipe,
Open your heart to condolence as you wave timidity,
Willpower is all I have but enough to;
Enter my prime in time and,
Reload my existence -
That is power.
So am telling you all,
Remove me from this shame,
That you place me,
And exult your queen:
Do not disgrace words,
It just might leave like the sun,
On a raining day -
Your heart is too dark,
It stinks like a dungeon,
Your lives are to dull;
Our economy looks better -
Even though it is not human,
You better be the best,
Than beat the best,
Say no to blind folds.

Drop from Jupiter

Let us start with a storyline,
That dreams of a timeline,
When teacups move like human beings,
And glasses are worn as shoes,
Even the creator was smart enough to
To make us believe a tale -
That ends happily:
In the real world,
It hurts like a bite,
And is as hot as Africa:
Listen to the lines -
Do not read upon them,
Schools are not to make you,
So make your portfolio,
As direct as your talent;
Be a black cat at night,
And a horse during the day,
Because there is
Too much love,
To much lies,
In this world you and I ride;
Am leaving for Jupiter,
And when I come back:
I am going to make you all mine.

Stop sleeping on a bed
Like a bedbug,
Get up and realize your feet works.
Ha ha ha ha
Tell that to the maids at the castle;
And get mesmerize by real life.

You earned it


© 2019 Jade George Anibor

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