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When Someone Hurts You—Think Like This!

Misbah loves writing poetry. She says poetry is what makes her heart feels warm and light.

A Reason, a Season or a Lifetime!

Sometimes we feel broken and wonder why that person hurt us when we cared so much for them. When they abandon/betray/ignore us, we feel bad and wonder where we went wrong. Why did it happen to us? What did we do wrong? Why did we find ourselves in such a situation when we had been so honest with them?

It happens because everyone who comes into your life is there for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. If they leave you, betray you, or neglect you, don't assume they're awful people; perhaps they aren't, and their story in your life was just written that way. Maybe they have played an essential role in the overall picture of your life.

Perhaps they were just there and treated you that way because it was for you or their goodness. Always remember that even if someone is the worst person in the world for everyone, they may be a gem in someone else's life. So, never cry when you are hurt. Accept the loss and learn from it because everything happens in our life has a purpose.

When Someone Hurts You!

Behind the mask you were wearing, the real face was so scary
You gave me nightmares and pushed that nightingales to sleep,
A true look, a true story you've kept hidden for so long,
It was incredible how you made a fool out of me.

The experiences I had in knowing you were extraordinary
You showed me how people can kiss while holding a knife in their hands.
You made me realize how much it hurts when someone stabs you in the back.
You taught me not to trust anyone and everyone.

Thank you for all the chances to get to know you closely,
They were all important lessons that needed to be learned in time.
I have no regrets about the wounds you gave me, not
Because they were minor enough to heal quickly.

I have no regrets because I learned something valuable.
With time, the wounds may heal and stop bleeding.
But the scars will always be there to remind me:
I may know their faces and real identities, but,

Behind that veil, there's a lot more to see.
I thank God for bringing you into my life, so I can learn:
How do people express themselves in millions and trillions of fictitious ways?
Thank you, you've taught me a lesson worthwhile!!

I have no regrets, and I forgave you simply to make peace with myself.
I have not only forgiven you, but I also forgive myself.
I let you get closer and stab my back.

It wasn't only your mistake; love is blind, I know, but
That saying is only true for "God's love," you know.

People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Don’t try to make those people fit where they aren’t intended. This is what causes you pain and brokenness. Try to find the lesson God is sending through that person.

— Abigail London

Jake Hill - Stay

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