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When i Have A Difficult Time

I Go Start And Make A List

Yes I insist

Make a list

Start what you think is bothering you

Then anything else that comes to mind

You will find

Over time what is really giving you trouble

Is not what you think and may not be what you could have known

Our mind can play tricks on us

I often wondered how could that be possible ?

When our brain is here to help us

Sometimes messages can be misleading

Friends who tried to help

That gave us bad advice

We still follow today

Not knowing why?

Just a habit I think

Our brain turns to what is familiar and comfortable

So it may not be actually beneficial

In my own past

I can think of many examples

Here are just a couple

I love bacon

I love the taste

I try to have just a little

Once I start eating one slice then another

I don't want to stop

It tastes so good

My brain says I think three and four slices are good

Then I smell the aroma

My mouth waters

I see the whole pound I have cooked up

I say to myself what harm could one more piece do?

Justifying my every action

If I am not careful

I can easily eat the whole pound

I want to stop

Then again my brain said we haven't had bacon in a while

You deserve this extra slice

You can exercise a little more

So you will burn off any extra calories

It is pork meat and it has to be better than candy

If I have one more slice

I will be good

Truth is I love it too too much

I have had a long conversation with my mind (brain) many times

When it comes to potato chips

Who can have just one?

Can you imagine just having one piece of popcorn then stopping

It could be the salt?

It could be from all the good memories that flood my brain from the past

When I try to accomplish different things

I also get a number of unrelated things that come to mind

So I have to learn to navigate from what I need to do

From what I desire to do

I start and stop and get side tracked

Then a while later

Nothing gets done

Working out or exercising falls under this category

It is so much easier to turn on the t.v. and relax

Push it off to later

Then when later comes

Something else also arises

Before you know it

It can be a week or months

Before I am exercising and getting healthy

I found by making lists

No matter how difficult it is

You get to see your choices

I try to number the top ten things I want to finish

Then I circle the things I didn't get done

There will be tomorrow

I will add todays list

Then see how far I get

I cut myself some slack

So the things I wanted to get done

Are not written in stone

I stay flexible

Life is unpredictabler

I do find that I accomplish a lot more

Than with no list at all

I have saved lists that go back years

Each time I accomplished as much as time allows

I date the lists and see over time

How my priorities change

How lists have saved me time and money

Things that were important then

Aren't important now

Each of our minds try to help us

With the most accurate information possible

At the same time they try to protect us

Even if it is changing thoughts that we think

In such a way

That is really different than the way it actually happened

So lists help me stay on target

Our minds will tell you different

They tend to fabricate the truth

Bend the rules

If there are no written records

Then we have no choice than to believe

A good example of this

Think of a time

A few people all remember

It could be a birthday party

A fun time over the summer

Something special you all were there

Maybe something that happened five or even ten years ago

Try to recall what you remember?

Other people will recall what they know too

Even though you all were at the same event

You all have entirely different stories

Who is right?

Who is wrong?

I like to think we are all a little right

Maybe our own brains got it all wrong

We all have personal views on everything

So many factors enter in to each moment

What was good for one person

May not be good for another

In the end

We all live our life

Depending on our brains for many things

It isn't bad

To give our brains a break

Lists can help

Make it fun

Have a wonderful T.T.D. list handy

The things to do list (abbreviated above)

You take the trouble out of the day

Start with the small things

Work your way to the bigger projects

When they get done

They will be out of the way

You will have more time to do the things you want

Wasting less time trying to figure out what is next

Best of luck

Have a good day

I hope you accomplish all you set out to do