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When Enough Is Enough With Religion

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when enough is enough with Religion

When the mind is happy
We should rejoice
Eventually, the mind will fade
Into invisible dots………………………

When I first met him
His appearance was very troubling,
I was told that he was Jewish, pure
From evil: daily prayers , uttering words of wisdom
their values rituals, the kosher meals
In my mind nothing can harm them

As the weeks went by, I began to notice
Sudden changes, his blue eyes gave off the look of evil
But how does evil looks: scary to most
As for me something wasn’t right,
He would walk passed the face basin in his room
And head straight to the toilet bowl
And drink the water from it. Then wash his face

His nephew all dress in black, would come to visit
Every so often: with a book in his hand
He would stand there and never try to stop him
One day I just had to asked him why:

He reply to me with a smile… no words
No verbal communicate with us
Religion is a cult: religious brainwashing

For moment I had to pondered on
Who is crazy and who is insane
The man who drank water from the toilet bowl
Or the man who stood next to him and did absolutely nothing

to stop him:

He got down and walks on his hand and knees
Back and forth down the corridor.
Just like a fallen angel from grace:

When the mind is happy
We should rejoice
Before the invisible dots fade..

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