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When Your World Closes In

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It's A Small World

Each day goes by one by one

We go to work out of necessity and self pride

Waking up with desires and dreams

Our mind can and will go in any direction

It is up to us to see that we do and be who want to be

Easily our bodies will follow the leader

We can achieve greatness or disaster

There are man made rules that guide us

Our own internal rules influence us even greater

Universal laws control the world

We watch other people and they are also struggling with their own circumstances

Some what like our but also so much different

It is easily to give up control and let other people direct us

This is not a good way

It works for awhile but through this approach we can never be truly satisfied

Our minds seek freedom of expression

Conflicts our not only common but needed to reach our own destiny

We may end up in any phase for days or years

It is solely up to us

Our bodies physically travel through all our emotions

Taking their toll over the years that we live

There is always the unknown

That mystifies us and will intrigue us

The knowledge that we understand

Is far greater than we can comprehend

There is a fine grey line between the both

Each moment we go in a direction that can either help us or hurt us

Only time will tell

Constantly be aware of things that we are doing and saying

They are true indicators of if we are in a good place or an unhealthy one

Welcome the good and try to understand the bad

May love support you on your journey

So each and every day you may uncover a little more happiness

Then the world that we see and feel

Will open up

To the world we could of imagined

To be more and more

Having less and less

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