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When You Are Tired I Will Lift You Up

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No Need To Worry

I can do what you can't do

If you had a long day

I understand and I am there

When you are hungry

I will know

I am cooking right now

Breakfast will be ready soon

When your eyes are tired

Close them gently

I will rub your head

So you can relax

When you're thirsty

Look what is in my hand

A water is ready for you

When you are bored

There are so many things we can do

If you need your space

Alone time is great

It makes you appreciate each other more

When we are together so many things are right

We know each others thoughts

Long before we even think them

I think by now

I can make your day

A little more special than the day before

Seeing you

Holding you

You are the one that found me

I was never so happy

When we walked out in front of our family and friends

Mr. and Mrs. for the world to know

Dreams are for you at night

So we can create

So much more

We started with a friendship that grew to a love

Our love holds us together

Binds us in the middle

That is one book I haven't bought

It had a slow beginning

Until we met

Then the pace picked up

Things looked and felt right

That doesn't mean we didn't have our ups and downs

All it means through it all

I will be by your side

As you will be by mine

Let the good times roll

Then when we get old

We may be slower and have gray where we never had before

I will still adore

My wife

Who has seen me cry

During a sappy, true love story

Who has watched me work

From early in the morning till the sun has disappeared

Who pours his heart out

In his writings and his stories

Wherever and whenever he is

For he is not just happy

He is the best person he can be

Because of you

When your eyes meet his

There is no sweeter joy

Happiness is not something we found

It is something we created together

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