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When Your Plans Our Blown Up Into Tiny Little Pieces

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So Many Things To Remember In My Head

I almost forgot

I had these amazing dreams

Voices that talk to me

That sound so convincing and real

Then after a few days or weeks

They begin to fade away

How could something so important in my life

Be discarded as if it never happened

Thrown away no different than garbage on trash day

Once so meaningful and necessary

Now not even a thought or a whim

I have heard people say

It was not meant to be

I don't believe it for one second

If it wasn't meant to be

Then I wouldn't of felt the way I did

I wouldn't feel sad now

I have come up with a new belief

That maybe we were not ready

To make the commitment that the idea needs

To come to life

We have found other things that take priority in our lives

That we feel were more relevant

At this current point in time

That might of happened since the idea surfaced

It means we have to do what we feel is right

Then the idea will come back again

This time stronger and bolder than before

So instead of beating myself up over all the ideas I have let slide

Lets focus and concentrate

Welcoming the next idea that comes our way

Seeing if this one

Will be the one

That spins as fast as a top

Floats on air like a balloon

Gives us as much comfort as a kiss

Is needed as often as a hug

Makes people as happy as a smile

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