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When Your Partner Gets Sick

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You Are There

For me there is no question

I know what has to be done

I pull up the slack

Reach for a clear cut solution

Even though I know this is going to take time

Here it is my wife

For someone else

It could be their loving husband

It could be their wonderful girlfriend or boyfriend

A significant other that lights your fire

Someones sweet love that you care for so much

My wife has pneumonia

It has thrown her for a loop

Unexpected and I thought it was nothing

When she didn't feel well

I said shake it off

She said she had a headache too

I said get a little sleep and the rest will do you good

There was no cough

A slight fever

A pain in her back

Near her lungs

I thought maybe she was just over tired

She could of pulled a muscle

I had all the answers

But none of them was the right one

Luckily it was our day off

So we canceled whatever plans we had

She felt tired and if she coughed it hurt

The next day her temperature rose

Off to the doctors we went

To my surprise

You are really sick

Well there are some things this husband doesn't know

Now what can I do

I did the food shopping which you usually do

I got a few wrong things as you quietly pointed out

I put them away in the cabinets and the refrigerator in the wrong place

I would go food shopping with you

But never really paid great attention to what we really get

I am more of a helper and I will pick up this or that

I push the carriage

Reading the New York paper I never buy

After bringing everything home

I carry in all the groceries

You usually put it in it's designated spots

I see you are sleeping wonderfully

Now I have to get lunch and supper

Another curve ball I wasn't prepared for

About now I would go on the computer

You would fix us something you have already planned

I have no plan

I thought it through a bit

I picked up a cooked chicken at Market Basket

It wasn't the same

I didn't have vegetables to go with it

No rice,mashed potatoes or french fries

I was going to get some corn bread

From the time I thought of it and the time I checked out

I had forgot it

I could of opened a simple can of beans

Instead I had a bowl of jello and a strawberry kiwi apple sauce

In my mind it should be enough

Then came supper

My wife had hotdogs defrosting

I cooked them up

Cut them up

Piled them up

Trying to make them all fancy

Once again no hot dog rolls or coleslaw

I made the condiments mustard and relish look like a side dish

Tossed in a few pickles


I am more a special effects guy

I cut out all the carbs

That's a good thing

I rationalized it in my mind

I know my wife does a lot

i appreciate everything she does

I never take her for granted

I thank her all the time

Please get well soon

I enjoy being the cooks assistant

I don't want your job

Well the doctor put her on a z pack

The medicine should do the trick

For me it isn't fast enough

Now breakfast time

I am going to cook some scrambled eggs and bacon

For all those other people who have to take care of a loved one

My thoughts and prayers go out to you

I would rather go to work and have it be real busy

I would even work a few extra hours

Not to have to do what my wife does on a daily basis

Give me the yard

I will cut the grass and pull up weeds all day

We are both blessed with great health

So unfortunately we all get sick

I can't wait till your better

Then I want to celebrate

I have back my freedom

You are the boss in the kitchen

I really love your cooking

You never hear me complain

I have many reasons

Here are only a few

I love to write and I love when you cook

I use to snicker when you would watch all your cooking shows

Now I am going to button my lip

Thanks to you

I never think of what and when we have to eat

I like bringing my appetite to the table

Then I wash and dry the dishes every time

Somethings make a husband and wife bonds really special

This one I will never break